Thank you for choosing to donate $660 to Sponsor an Activist

Your donation will help landless peasant women and youth in Bangladesh to train as grassroots organisers, enabling them to speak up and empower their communities in the face of climate change and to build capacity in rural areas.

$660 is the cost for 1 person to live and train in Dhaka for 6 months. Your money will go towards Bengali literacy and English language courses, as well as computer classes, rent, supplies and food throughout the 6 month training period.

To donate please follow your appropriate link and transfer your funds online to:

Account Name: Friends of BKF and BKS

BSB: 633 000

Account Number: 145 327 037

Commonwealth online banking 

ANZ online banking

NAB internet banking

Bendigo Bank online banking

Westpack online banking

Suncorp Bank online banking

We will soon be setting up the option for monthly donations. If you are interested in making a monthly donation of $660 now this can easily be set up through your online banking, by setting the ongoing transfer option. For help with this or to stay posted on when we will have the automated system set up please email us at

Click on the image for a printable version – great to give as gifts!


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