How to help

The Best Part: How You Can Help!


We are currently raising funds for a leadership training program, ‘Sponsor an Activist’. This initiative will train women and youth to be grassroots organisers, and will help to empower whole communities and build capacity in rural areas. Women and youth participants will live and train in Dhaka for 6 months whilst increasing their Bengali literacy, English language and computer skills, as well as learning general campaigning skills and political theory. We have a total fundraising goal of $23,650 to train 40 people over 2 years! Click through for fast and easy ways to donate!


To help us in a volunteer capacity, we’ve put together a list of tasks we need help with:

  • We need to be easier to find in a google search
  • We need help with organising our film night
  • We need help getting the word out there about our organisation
  • We would like workplaces to support us through workplace gift giving!
  • We are having a great big planning day on June 2nd 11am-4pm, location yet to be organised. ***All welcome***

If you think you can help us in a volunteer capacity with any of the above tasks, please let us know by emailing

Stay Up To Date

To stay up to date, get on our email list. We’ll let you know of events happening in Victoria, Australia-wide fundraising campaigns and what’s happening with BKF and BKS on the ground in Bangladesh.


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